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31 December 2000 @ 11:00 pm
One of the Galilean Moons
One of the moons of Jupiter
Epimetheus, the 'little brother' to Janus
Senshi for the asteroid belt
Senshi for the Kuiper Belt
Constellation senshi
A binary star senshi (singular or plural)

Fantasy-style magic casting (I cast 'Magic Missile'!)
Healing (particularly in non-conventional ways)
The stage (lights, camera, action!)

A senshi who uses a violin or piano as a weapon, with classical songs
A senshi who uses a very large rifle
A senshi whose attacks are activated by praying
A senshi based on a Japanese spirit (other than a yuki-onna)

A rich character
A nonhuman character
A professional/amateur athlete (the more non-mainstream the sport, the better)
A character involved with the local shinto or buddhism shrines
A character with an odd collection
A character NOT from a country already represented (Japan, America, England, France, Italy, China, Germany, Canada, Korea)
A math teacher
A renovator
A freerunner/traceur
Cops (PC or NPC)
Someone who had a famous past life (Cleopatra, Napoleon, etc)
A forensic profiler
31 December 2000 @ 10:00 pm
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31 December 2000 @ 12:00 am
If you want to play, please submit a character application to otakusailorwars [at] gmail [dot] com after checking this topic for character availability. You should also put the application in your character's user profile for easy reference after you have been accepted. Here is the application: (Everything with an asterisk by it is optional.)

Senshi/Knight-In-Training Application

This application is for all new characters/players. Even if you are a veteran player, your character should be applied using this application. New characters will not have their powers when they first join the game and be classified as Senshi/Knights-in-training. Their powers and senshi/knight forms will be awakened through encounters that have been approved by the mods.
01 January 2000 @ 12:00 am
About the Chatroom

    AIM "oswchat" disclaimer, to be read, respected, and followed by all those that enter and participate in the chatroom:

  • We are all adults, and for the most part mature individuals. We have likes and dislikes, and deserve to be respected and to give respect to our fellow chatroom participants and game members. As well, no one in the chatroom is psychic, though there are times it seems like it. PLEASE, speak up, to your fellow chatters or to a mod in private IM if you are having an issue with something. If you do so, be POLITE and respectful about it. It can be about another member(s) or about things being discussed in the chatroom that you are unhappy about. Only then can it be addressed. Not only that, everyone needs to be courteous and aware of the comfort levels of their fellow chatters and do their best to keep the peace. Everyone is responsible for themselves and their words and actions. Even if you may think it is little and you don't want to bother anyone, you have the right to be comfortable in the chatroom and enjoy it just as much as anyone else. This is not a monopoly.

Rules of the Game

  • Play nice. Be respectful of and don't flame the other players. If you have a disagreement with someone and can't work it out, bring it up with the mods.

  • No godmoding. Do not control other people's characters unless you have the other player's permission. That means 1) do not kill people, 2) make them take damage, 3) control what they say or do. If you have any questions about what you want to post as being godmoding, bring it up with a mod or ask the player for permission.

  • This is a PG-13 RP. No posting smut, excessive gore or violent imagery. Implied sex/fade to blacks are fine.

  • Please use proper English language, spelling, and grammar. That means no netspeak, use the Caps Lock lock and Shift keys, and try to use punctuation, grammar, and spell to the best of your abilities. The mods want to see this on your application as well. LJ has a spellcheck function in its preview, and if you are unsure of your spelling please make use of it.

  • Though the game is based on an anime and set in Japan, there is NO usage of Japanese. Suffixes (such as 'san', 'chan', 'kun', and 'dono' among others) as well as names for food (soba, osenbe, anko, odango, etc) are acceptable. See the Wiki (linked below) for a full vocabulary that is regularly updated.

  • Since more people are familiar with them, we are using the anime storyline and the original Japanese terms (ginzuishou, senshi, etc). There are dozens of resources on the internet that will help you if you don't know anything about either. Elements from the manga may be utilized by the mods in world building, and will be explained if necessary to the players. If you have any questions about matters of canon or the world of OSW, feel free to ask the mods.

  • Use the main community for RPing. The OOC comm is for OOC discussion and announcements. Character journals can be used for fanfiction or fanart, or side posts that are potentially canon but not inherently impacting to the overall plot, but should not be used for RPing in general.

  • The minimum amount of posting is once every two weeks. If you do not post to this minimum requirement, you will be deemed inactive and will be spoken with by the mods. Depending on the frequency and length of time between posts, the mods will dole out what they deem to be appropriate punishment and/or warning. If there is some RL situation deeming an extended abscence from the RPG, please let the mods know so we know not to mark your character as inactive.

  • We are running on a 3 strikes policy. If you break the rules 3 times, you're gone. Vioaltions that will result in a strike is breaking ANY rule at what the mods would consider a level serious enough to be counted as a strikeable offense. The offending player will be warned they have strikes and what they have received them for.

Fundamentals of the Senshi

  • New players can have up to 3 characters. Once regularity of posting and the ability to juggle three characters has been demonstrated, players may be allowed to apply for more. Please have a regular LJ username so the mods can keep track of who each character belongs to. If you have multiple characters to the max limit (3), one MUST be a sue or a stu.

  • You cannot play a canon character. Neo-Queen Serenity and any other canon characters are NPCs. Dark/Evil versions of canon senshi (Ie. Dark Moon, Dark Mercury, etc.) are not allowed; 'Neo' or 'Chibi' versions of canons are also not allowed. Any connections to canon characters (either as senshi or civilians) automatically qualifies that character as a Sue/Stu and should be applied as such.

  • Titles are first come, first serve. If the title you want is taken, try to use a variant of it. (Example: If Star is taken, you can use Nebula, Black Hole, Neutron Star, etc.) Changing the spelling of a word is not considered a variant. The only exception will be for Andromeda. (There is a galaxy and a constellation named Andromeda. The constellation has already been taken.)

  • Male OCs/Knights are allowed, and encouraged :). However, every object/element can only have one character for it. (Example: You can have a knight or a senshi for Ganymede, but not both.)

  • Due to the new status of some planets in our solar system (and thus changing the original Sailor Moon canon), the following things must be taken into account:
    • Ceres is not available as a senshi. She is a canon senshi.

    • Charon is a moon of Pluto. She/he is availble.

    • As per official world "canon", the planet beyond Pluto is named Eris, after the Greek Goddess of Chaos. She/he IS a planet and she/he is NOT available.

  • Real-world celestial objects only. Senshi for original fan-created planets are not allowed unless there is a possibility that they could exist (ex. the planet where the asteroid belt is located and was destroyed according to astronomical theory). Senshi for planets from other canons are not allowed, either (Star Wars planets, planets from video games, other animes, books, etc.). There are more than enough moons, celestial objects, elements, whatever to supply a large army of characters. Nonhuman characters are allowed, although depending on how nonhuman they are, going unnoticed in a human city may be a little difficult :)

  • Don't be afraid to be creative or silly. Since this is partly a comedy RP, your character does not have to be completely serious. A lot of the planets' moons have crazy names; use this to your advantage. As for senshi realms of influence, while they are allowed to overlap, we much prefer unique elements. Suggestions for possible elements include rotation, sewage, teeth, color, density, paper, goats, sound and regeneration.

  • The list of active characters is in the Character Request Topic in the OOC community:
    • Active characters are those currently in play.

    • Inactive characters are those currently inactive but not removed from play. These characters may be picked up again by their original player.

    • Retired/unavailable characters are characters who have been removed from play. Those characters and their celestial objects cannot be applied for.